We Are Focus Media

‘The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.’ – Mark Zuckerberg

About Focus Media

Located in the foothills region of northern Los Angeles, Focus Media is a team of talented people who happen to love to create smart ideas for forward thinking people and businesses. Besides doing the creative work behind the scenes of your project, we enjoy hunting for ways to streamline and optimize businesses through the advancement of technology.

Founded in around 2004, our founder was working for an SEO content creation company. Since then Search Engine Optimization has always been our primary focus. In 2007 he landed a contract to head the first enterprise level e-commerce website build on the Magento platform while it was still the growing platform was still in the beta phase.

Since that time, we have put together an international team of designers, developers, copywriters and marketing experts to service any sized business from small restaurants to enterprise level ecommerce powerhouses.

This is what we do!

Besides building beautiful websites…

We are ready to listen closely to your challenges. The more you tell us about your operation and goals the more we can help. The only issue we run into are closed minds.

We cannot wait to assist people to streamline and optimize their businesses using technology.

Just to give one idea of the types things we can do, say you have thousands upon thousands of documents related to your business. We can come to you, scan all the documents and upload them to cloud storage a shred everything else that is not needed as originals.

This could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in storage expenses annually.


Johnny Brenner has been fascinated by technology since before the internet was launched. After building computers and working at a training Novell NetWare training company in Salt Lake City, Utah, Johnny returned to Los Angeles and returned to being a chef for a few years.

Longing to be back in the tech business, he became one of the the top salespeople for a startup SEO content creation company. Developing an intuitive understanding of search algorithms, Johnny decided to launch his own full service SEO company which has grown into what Focus Media is today.