Customer Support


Customer Support

We do work that matters
to our community

From a simple website to an advanced CDN – we help small and medium sized businesses grow

We Work Hard so you can Focus on being the best at what you do

While you spend time and money seeking new technologies to grow, optimize or streamline your business, who is solving your customers’ needs?

Let us handle the technology piece so you can focus on what you do best.

Creating a new website?

We have created a step-by-step list of everything you need

The way we have always told stories is by talking with our clients. By spending time and interviewing you and any staff you may have, we can learn who you are and why you are inspired to do what you do then sincerely convey this and inspire your prospective customers or clients.

Let our founder Johnny  talk to you either in person or online about your goals and dreams. It is most assured that you will find the time you spend thought provoking and informative.

Who we are

Our CEO and founder Johnny Brenner has a philosophy that is founded on helping people. By helping you succeed we make the world a better place and we know from experience that that methodology helps us all to succeed.

Who we are

To learn more about us, our company and our founder and CEO
Johnny Brenner
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What we do

We are full stack developers.This allows us to help you with technologies that can help your business in many ways. From building a small website to advanced server configurations and everything in between. We help small and medium sized businesses thrive and grow.

What we do

To learn more about what types of services we offer that can help you grow and change the way you do things for a more streamlined approach to your business.
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Who we help

  • Business owners who need a web presence or a refresh to an existing site.
  • Business owners who are seeking ways to attract new customers.
  • People who are frustrated with tech and operations and want simple suggestions

Who we help

If you would like to see some of the clients we have already helped and are continuing to help
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Need Hosting

We recommend Cloudways for superfast load times.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!
“Focus Media helped me from having no internet presence to build my brand on the web. Now my customers can easily find me. FM continues to help grow and streamline my business in ways I couldn’t even imagine.”

Our Clients

These are a few samples of projects we have completed or are working on now.

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When we learn your story, we can convey that story to your customers.